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Colombia is one of the most diverse countries when it comes to climate. Ranging in elevation from sea level  to nearly 19,000 ft, the weather can change quickly depending on where you go. On the Hidden Colombia Expedition, you will be traveling to the Lost City, which is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region.

The weather in this region is warm and wet year-round. It is the jungle! With the average highs in the upper 80s, having streams to jump into periodically will be a nice treat to cool you off during your trek. The lows in the evening tend to stay in the upper 60s, which is why a warm sleeping bag is not needed for this expedition.

Lost City Weather



Hidden Colombia Reviews

We went on the Colombia expedition to Ciudad Perdida. It was a tough trek...really looked forward to that beer and arepas at the end of the day. The trip was well executed by the OneSeed staff and was the experience of a lifetime. Thank you!
I was very leery of taking a group tour—I’m used to traveling on my own and doing exactly what I want to do. However, my OneSeed Colombia trip totally changed my mind! It was amazing to just relax and enjoy the trip instead of stressing over the details. The trip was well organized, and the trek itself was a unique and lovely adventure. I would absolutely do another trip with them.
What a test of self and feat of accomplishment. The last two days I would have to say were most meaningful to me walking through relatively untouched terrain with virtually no one else around, reveling in a true sense of solitude in nature. Meeting and having the opportunity to engage with the local shaman was incredible.

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