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Corporate Adventure Travel


Explore with and engage your business team on an immersive expedition around the world. Whether you’re hiking through Peru or on a multi-sport adventure in Croatia, corporate adventure travel is a great way to motivate and reward your employees.

Give Back

When you travel with OneSeed, you’re not only investing in your team, you’re investing in local entrepreneurs. 10% of every trip cost is invested with our local microfinance partners in order to keep travel dollars in local communities. This investment supports our fellow small business owners in locations where access to capital is not accessible. Learn more about OneSeed’s mission here.


As you take off on your flight, prepare for a week or more of pure adventure. Our expeditions focus on the present — interacting with local people, getting to know your local guides, and experiencing an adventure together away from the buzzing phones and work emails.


OneSeed Expeditions is committed to providing you with access to remote parts of the world. We lead expeditions in wilderness areas where risk is inherent. To ensure a safe and rewarding trip, we provide our travelers with knowledgeable and experienced guides. We also offer reliable information about what is required to prepare for and safely undertake our expeditions, including fitness level requirements for any trek. We also provide emergency medical and evacuation insurance.

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Popular TRIPS for Corporate Teams

Any of our 30 group or private expedition can be customized for your company’s needs.