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Meet OneSeed's Newest Croatia Guide: Gabriela Nuñez Cardenas

The OneSeed team is incredibly excited to be working with our newest guide, Gabi Nuñez Cardenas. She has been instrumental in our expansion to Croatia this year and we want you to get to know her a bit before you join her for your expedition in the Western Balkans.

How did you start working in adventure travel?

  • I was born and raised in Chilean Patagonia in Punta Arenas. Everything started from there. Living in a beautiful landscape that’s famous for outdoor activities and adventure tourism was an easy way to start my career. My first job at 17-years-old was cleaning and maintaining the trails in Torres del Paine National Park. After that, I made it my goal to turn work into something I enjoy the most; being outdoors and discovering new places to hike.

What are your ties to Croatia, and how did you come to live in Zagreb?

  • I’m actually writing this from the Dalmatian Island where my great-great-grandparents sailed away in exchange for my dear Patagonia 100 years ago. I have always been curious about exploring my Croatian roots, and decided to move here six year ago. It’s been amazing to explore their landscapes and share the same feeling of emigrating to a new place that is now home.

What is one of your favorite things about living Croatia?

  • What's not to like? The Adriatic coast with its stunning blue colors and perfect sea temperature. The thousands of hikes through black pine woods, rocky mountains, or deep green valleys. Speaking of valleys, there are so many wine valleys with a variety of red and white wines served with delicious food. It’s also the capital of sailing and cycling! Croatia is a warm and easygoing place. I love that it’s the perfect place to relax and but also has plenty of adrenaline inducing adventure.

What part of the Croatia Multi-Sport itinerary are you most excited about?

  • I’m most excited for our days in Mljet National Park Mljet and Geopark Biševo. The national park on the Island of Mljet is a recent discovery for me. I want to explore more of the history of the island and the geological and oceanographic phenomena. Spending a day with our friends from Geopark Biševo on the Island of Vis will also be fantastic. The area is under the protection of UNESCO and the work they're doing is inspiring. The island of Vis has a charm you can't forget.

How to Assess Your Fitness for Mountain Trekking

So how difficult IS it to climb Mount Kilimanjaro? Or to hike all the way to Machu Picchu?

All of our expeditions are open to adventurers without previous trekking experience. Whether you want a relaxed walking tour or to push your limits with a high-altitude multi-day trek, our activity level scale indicates the expected level of fitness for each expedition.

It’s important to note that various factors that go into assigning a difficulty level to our trips. Those include altitude, whether it’s self supported (carrying your own pack), the difficulty of the terrain, the climate, and the length of time and miles on the trail.


  • These expeditions do not have any fitness requirements. No hiking is required.

  • The only Level 1 expedition we offer is the Serengeti Safari where most of your journey is spent in the car (walking discouraged for obvious reasons!)


  • These expeditions include walking or a short hike.

  • A great example would be the 5-day Taste of Peru trip. The perfect combination of sightseeing in town, exploring ancient ruins, and short hikes.


  • These expeditions require an average level of fitness and the ability to hike over variable terrain. These are great first treks of 3-6 hours duration on a typical day.

  • We offer a number of Level 3 trips, including our Hidden Colombia expedition. This trip requires several river crossings in hot and humid weather and a fair amount of hiking steep trails and stone steps.


  • These expeditions require above average physical fitness. Treks may reach high altitudes and require high levels of physical exertion. No technical skills are required, and first-time trekkers are welcome. Typical days require 5-10 hours of trekking, and some expeditions include significant elevation changes.

  • Most of our trips are rated as a Level 4. Our Ultimate Machu Picchu expedition is a great example of longer days with a few tough climbs up and over high mountain passes like Salkantay Pass. While this trek provides porters, the elevation and sections of steep trekking make it a solid 4.


  • These expeditions require excellent physical fitness. Treks include longer days, greater elevation gain, and more challenging terrain at higher altitude. Participants should expect high levels of physical exertion at times. Travelers joining these expeditions should be in good physical shape and should expect to hike all day.

  • Our two hardest treks are Everest Base Camp and our Kilimanjaro climbs. These expeditions earned a Level 5 due to the physical and mental challenges. Both require long days at very high altitudes. Despite being supported treks with porters, they both require stamina and the drive to conquer the mountain.

  • You don’t need to be a skilled mountaineer to tackle these trips - just physically fit and mentally prepared for the once in a lifetime challenge head!


A Note on Solo Traveler Fees


We know solo traveler fees are a bummer and trust us, we don't like charging them either. We require the extra fee because it's the best possible way to provide a fair price to all clients. The solo traveler fee covers the increased cost of hotel stay (single vs. double rooms), ground transportation, and the additional guides, porters or cooks needed while on the trail.

The good news? The solo room fee guarantees your very own single/private room while in your host city.

The other good news? We offer a "match pool" so clients have the opportunity to connect and match with other solo travelers of the same gender. Let us know if you're interested and we'll be sure to make the introduction if there's another solo traveler looking to be matched! Simply email and we'll take it from there. If there isn't a match, you'll receive an invoice with your single supplement fee 60 days prior to your expedition. 

You can find your specific single supplement fee by visiting your expedition page on our website.