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Impact Climb: Kilimanjaro 2017!

At OneSeed we're all about two things: exploring the world and investing in people.

We love scoping out new routes in the Himalayas or uncovering hidden spots in Patagonia, but we spend just as much time and energy scouting out microfinance partners to channel capital to entrepreneurs in places like Tanzania, Colombia, or Nepal. 

OneSeed travelers often tell us that being able to pair exploration with local investment is the reason they travel with us again and again. We work hard to live up to our mission.

Explore the world. Invest in people. 

Because we love nothing more than entrepreneurial hustle, we couldn't be more excited to announce our newest impact partner: The Rocky Mountain Microfinance Institute. RMMFI works right in our backyard here in beautiful Denver, Colorado, and we've seen firsthand their commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, creativity, and community. 

Because we believe in those same principles and we believe in the team at RMMFI, we're proud to announce the launch of the 2017 Microfinance Summit Series. 

{Drum roll} Boom!

Impact climbs double the impact of your travel by raising funds not only for our microfinance partners around the world, but also amazing organizations like RMMFI that support entrepreneurship right here in the U.S.

Impact Climbers join a team of like-minded changemakers to raise funds and awareness for the excellent work of RMMFI. Climbers then travel to Tanzania where they'll summit Africa's highest peak, Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The Details

  • Dates: June 2-10, 2017
  • Program Cost: $2,750 
  • Climbers commit to raise $3,000 in support of RMMFI. These funds will create opportunities for RMMFI Entrepreneurs as they successfully launch and grow businesses.
  • Spots are limited and applications open today.

This sounds perfect. What's next?

Click below to show your interest in joining the June 2017 climb. A September 15 info session will be open to all interested. Those unable to attend the session can also schedule an individual session to learn more.