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Invest in People.

OneSeed believes in entrepreneurship as a means of empowering local communities. We invest in small businesses through our microfinance partners in the countries love and operate. 10% of total revenue from your expedition is loaned to entrepreneurs in need of capital.

Loans by Industry




How does OneSeed invest in entrepreneurs?

OneSeed partners with local microfinance institutions (MFIs) in each of the countries where we operate. OneSeed cycles 10% of our total revenue through these partners at no interest. Our partners then loan this capital to small-scale entrepreneurs as collateral-free, shared liability microcredit. Entrepreneurs repay the loan over the course of the loan term as they launch or expand their business. 

Why microfinance?

Whether you're growing rice in Nepal or starting a hair salon in Chile, you need capital to start your businesses. Microcredit is not a solution to poverty, but rather a tool to empower individuals looking to create opportunities through entrepreneurship.

Is OneSeed a non-profit or NGO?

OneSeed is a purpose-driven social enterprise. We are neither a non-profit nor a charity.  We do not accept donations because we believe the most enduring and meaningful impact we can create is through business development.  Want to support our mission?  Join us on the trail.


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