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What Should I Do If I Arrive Early to Cusco?

Cusco is such a unique and beautiful city so we understand why you may want to arrive early to check it out before joining OneSeed. Here’s a guide to some of the things that are close by and easy to visit on your own.

About the City

  • Cusco still contains much of the ancient Incan architecture on the base of many buildings.
  • When the Spanish arrived, they built on top of existing architecture so you can see the history and timeframe by looking at the side of a building.
  • The main layout of the city was created by the Inca in the shape of a puma.

Plaza de Armas

  • The Plaza de Armas is the central plaza of Cusco.
  • It’s always bustling with people and is a bright and vibrant city center.
  • Surrounding the plaza are La Catedral and the smaller Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesus. Both merit further exploration to view their intricate details and impressive stature.


  • Qorikancha is accessible on foot from the Plaza de Armas by walking several blocks southeast from the city center.
  • These ruins used to be an Incan Temple. You’ll be blown away by the impressive architecture.
  • Walk around this piece of 15th Century history and imagine what it looked like 600 years ago. We dare you to try and explain how they seamlessly pieced these massive rocks together!

Mercado Central de San Pedro

  • This market is a few block’s walk from the Plaza de Armas.
  • It is a great example of a traditional peruvian market and you can find everything from fresh fruit to traditional handicrafts.
  • Buy some souvenirs or a delicious breakfast!

Barrio San Blas

  • This neighborhood is one of the best places to buy handicrafts.
  • It is a steep walk from the Plaza de Armas but is full of nice shops and great restaurants.
  • The great views add an extra bonus!


  • These ruins are the former capital of the Incan empire
  • Located just over a mile from Cusco, Saksaywaman boasts stunning views of the Cusco valley
  • Saksaywaman means “satisfied falcon” in Quechua but the ruins are actually built in the shape of a puma!

Cusco offers endless sights to see and places to visit. On day 1 of your OneSeed trip, make sure to meet us at the designated hotel. In the meantime, enjoy!