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Deciding When to Travel: Expeditions for Any Season

With so many destinations to choose from, picking a trip based on your own timeline is a breeze. It’s always important to take into consideration the “seasons of operation” for various outdoor activities. Here are a few things to consider:

What Hemisphere Is It In?

You want to pay attention to countries’ location in relation to the equator. Plenty of destinations have consistent weather near the equator and offer more year-round options for travel. Venture farther away, and changes in temps and seasonality will be a bit more variable.

Tired of the summer heat? Head to Southern Chile for frosty mornings and snow covered trails. You can only take a week off in December? Head to equatorial Tanzania to watch the great migration in the Serengeti.

Weather Patterns

Every destination will have it’s own microclimates, even within the same country or region (you trek through five on Kilimanjaro alone). OneSeed only run trips during the best weather windows so you avoid rainy monsoons. While we plan around the “optimal” times to travel, weather is always unpredictable in the mountains, and you may have wind, snow, rain, and bluebird skies all in one trip.

Seasonality Chart

We’ve put together a chart outlining the months for operations for all of our expeditions. As you can see, some countries run different trips at different times based on optimal weather and feasibility of operations.

For a quick filtering option, use our EXPLORE tool to search for trips by the month of departure.

Seasonality Chart.png

Playing Tejo in Colombia: The Subtle Art of Throwing Rocks at Gunpowder

So what do you need to play Colombia’s national sport? Beer. Gunpowder. And one good arm.

Tejo can be found throughout bars in Colombia and is a great way to throw a few back and keep your friends on their toes. The goal of the game is to throw your “tejo” (a weighted steel disc) inside the “bocin” (a metal ring) from over 70 feet away. The bocin is rigged with mechas, paper triangles filled with gunpowder. Hit a mecha and - BOOM.


While explosions are certainly the attraction, the scoring is based more on accuracy:

9 points: the tejo lands in the bocin while also exploding one or more mechas
6 points: the tejo lands in the bocin without an explosion
3 points: exploding a mecha without landing the tejo in the bocin
1 point: landing closer to the bocin than your opponent

Games can be played between two people or in teams of up to six, with one throw for each player per round. If you have a knack for the game, you can throw the tejo to ensure it lands in the clay surrounding the bocin instead of bouncing off the walls and heading straight for someone’s drink.

It may seem pretty straightforward, but there are a lot of rules for more competitive games. More serious players frequent outdoor venues and sponsored professional teams and tournaments can be found all over the country.

For the true Colombia bar experience, head to a local spot and try your hand at this explosive game that you’ll likely never find in the states...