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Just Touched Down: How to Navigate the Kathmandu Airport

The Tribhuvan International Airport is small but can be surprisingly confusing. Reading this before you arrive will eliminate the confusion and hassle while traveling.


This process is fairly straightforward. You’ll obtain your visa upon arrival by filling out the paperwork given to you on your flight. Here are several essential items:

  1. A pen. Pens are few and far between in the airport. Come prepared and avoid having to track one down.
  2. 4 passport photos. These will be used to issue a tourist visa (2) and a trekking permit (2).
  3. Cash. At the airport you’ll need cash to pay for your tourist visa. A 15-day visa costs $25 and a 1-month visa costs $40 (*prices subject to change)
  4. Contact/address information. On your immigration paperwork, you may be asked to add your contact information.
    • OneSeed Expeditions – Nepal:
      PO Box 25051 Bagdole-4
      Lalitpur, Nepal


  1. Head downstairs to grab your baggage from the luggage belt
  2. Make sure you don’t have any fruit with you, as that will not be allowed through customs
  3. Customs are usually a breeze!

Exiting the Airport

  1. Take a right and walk down the glass hallway where you can see crowds of people waiting

  2. Walk through the doorway on the left
  3. If you’re arriving on the designated day for the trek, a OneSeed staff member will be waiting in this area with a sign
  4. TIPS
    • Don’t wander too far!
    • Look for your name and someone wearing a OneSeed shirt.

Arriving Early?

  1. You’ll need to find your own transportation to your hotel
  2. TIPS
    • If you allow someone to help you with your bag, a $1 tip is appropriate
    • Negotiate a taxi price before getting into the taxi
    • A good price to Thamel is 300-400 NPR or about $5

There is more information regarding travel information on the US State Department page.

Don’t worry! This process will be smooth and easy. Call the Kathmandu office at +977 1-500-1241 with any problems or questions in the airport.