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Be a Know-It-All: 7 Fun Facts About Colombia

OneSeed is happy to announce our newest location, Colombia! With mountains, jungles, beaches, coffee farms, modern cities, and more, Colombia has it all. We wanted to give you a little background about this incredibly diverse and beautiful country. Here are 7 facts you may not know about this South American gem!


Vamos a la playa

1. Colombia is the only South American country with Atlantic and Pacific coastlines. With over 300 beaches in the country, you can have your pick.

Birds, birds, and more birds

2. Home to 1,879 species of bird, Colombia has most diversity of birds in the world.

60 Score and 14 years ago...

3. OneSeed’s Hidden Colombia Expedition travels to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada region. Experts conclude that the ruins in this area are 650 years older than Machu Picchu. If wisdom comes with age, those are some wise rocks!

Talk about biodiversity!

4. With 340 different types of ecosystems, Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. We have already mentioned the pristine beaches but did you know that Colombia also houses the Andes? The highest peak, Pico Cristóbal Colón, reaches 18,700 feet! From top to bottom, there is a bit of everything in this country.

Take a deep breath

5. At 8,360ft above sea level Bogotá is the highest city in the world with a population greater than 3 million. It has also been named one of the smartest cities with many modern advances like its TransMilenio public transportation and ciclovia, where 75 miles of Bogota roads are shut down for bikers, runners, and roller-bladers every Sunday.

The Liquid Rainbow

6. Caño Cristales, also referred to as "The Liquid Rainbow," is considered the most colorful river in the world due to ins rock formations and diversity of flora and fauna. Is there a pot of gold at the bottom? Only one way to find out!

Ready for an adventure?

7. Colombia has 58 National Parks, which is the same number as the US. These parks cover over 11% of the country. That is over 55,000 square miles for you to explore!