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5 Reasons Why Nepal Should Be Your Next Big Adventure

Nepal is truly world class destination -- it’s home to the eight highest peaks in the world, crystal clear glacial lakes, and enough adventure to keep any adrenaline junky busy for a lifetime. The bucket-list topper has long attracted avid adventurists from all over the globe to witness its other worldly views, however, traveling to Nepal doesn't have feel like a distant dream anymore. Here are a few reasons why...



Along with Nepal's mind-blowing views comes affordable trekking options. Some top adventure destinations can become costly due to increasing government fees or pricey food and drink. In Nepal, costs can be kelp low by working with operators who employ local guides and utilize local establishments. Not only will you get to learn so much more about local culture firsthand, you're supporting the local economy through sustainable and responsible tourism practices.

Make sure you stay in mountain lodges, or "Tea Houses," for a true Nepali trekking experience. They provide delicious meals, tea (of course!), and local hospitality all for the right price.




The people of Nepal are some of the most happy and accommodating that you'll ever meet. They are rich in hospitality and eager to share the values they live by. During your trip, you will be immersed in new colorful culture filled with art, traditions, festivals, lifestyle, and a rich history. Its wealth of religion is shared between 125 ethnic and cast groups as well as 123 dialects and languages. There is no shortage of world heritage sites that can be visited including stupas, temples, and ancient cities. Some favorites include:

  • Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha.

  • Patan, known as the fine arts capital of Nepal. It's filled with century old temples, narrow walkways, and unique art

  • Bhaktapur. Here you can learn wood carving and pottery as well as witness Changu Narayan, the oldest temple in Nepal.


Travel southwest of Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park to see some of the best wildlife viewing Nepal has to offer. The area is a huge draw of nature enthusiasts from all over the world thanks to the 200+ species of birds and 43 mammal species throughout the region.

Take a jeep or elephant safari to spot rhinos, elephants, musk deer, crocodiles, and a Bengal tiger if you’re really lucky.

This subtropical and forested climate is home to the indigenous Tharu people who have lived in and around Chitwan for centuries. Don't forget to venture into town to chat with the locals and explore all that Chitwan has to offer.




As global temperatures continue to rise, glaciers recede and valleys change shape. Like the rest of the world’s wild places, the Himalayan Mountains are experiencing these changes at an increasing rate.

With rapidly changing temps, Nepal's hiking seasons are shifting as well. While some hiking seasons are longer in certain regions, others are much shorter do due warmer or erratic weather.

There's no telling what the future has in store, but experiencing Nepal in all of its snow-capped brilliance should be part of yours.


There's a reason National Geographic named Nepal the best destination for Adventure Tourism in 2008–it’s every mountain enthusiast's dream. Luckily OneSeed shares in that dream with you, and that’s why we offer multiple adventures which will have you hiking or biking above the clouds. 

Is Mount Everest on your bucket list? Check out our 19 day Everest Base Camp trip for only $1,990. Along your trek, meet like-minded travelers during your stays in Tea-houses where you can relax, eat delicious food, and play games–including a friendly game of spoons with your guides.

Want to take your adventure to new heights? Try paragliding in Pokhara before or after your trek for an unforgettable view of the Annapurna Region.