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using the power of travel for good.

When you travel with OneSeed, 10% of your trip cost is invested in local communities through the OneSeed Microfinance Fund. We try to keep it pretty simple: you take an amazing trip; a local entrepreneur launches or expands their small business. 

OneSeed is changing the way that travel impacts local communities.  What happens when you take the power of travel and harness it to fund creative entrepreneurs?

Answering that question is what OneSeed is all about. 



OneSeed's local guides lead expeditions throughout the world. Explore our expeditions here!


At OneSeed, we invest 10% of our revenue in entrepreneurs around the world. Learn more about the OneSeed Fund.


OneSeed also creates custom expeditions tailored to your needs. We'd love to help you plan for your next trip!


oneseed reviews

I can’t say enough for each of the OneSeed staff I had the pleasure of meeting. I feel like I was not part of a group, but rather, a team. Through my experience with OneSeed, I do not feel like I signed up with an adventure travel company, but was accepted into a family!
— Randy D.
I’m usually a solo adventurer. I prefer going off the beaten path and rarely sign up for group tours. I was impressed with how they ran everything from the moment I signed up on the site until they dropped me off at the airport.
— Mike G.
I’ve visited Europe, Asia, Africa, South Pacific, etc. but this trip tops them all. The stars must have been aligned for everything to go so smoothly or this is just how OneSeed does things.
— David M.

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