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Responsible Travel Policies



Reducing waste and the environment impact of tourism is a big priority. We practice a Leave No Trace principle on all of our expeditions and we incentivize environmental best practices among our partners. We incentivize environmental stewardship in mountain regions by assessing all partner lodges based on local ownership, energy-sourcing, and waste disposal. The areas are a precious resource to everyone and we must help to protect it. When at all possible, food is sourced locally to minimize food packaging and to support local economies. Our guides serve as environmental and waste reduction educators on the trail. They outline the environmental issues in each region where we operate and they demonstrate best practices to our travelers and partners in country. 



We avoid plastic bottle use and actively educate clients on the impact of plastic products on the remote and fragile mountain environments. In many of the countries where we operate, it is important that water be treated for consumption. We utilize ultraviolet (UV) purification systems on the trail to avoid boiling water over flame or propane when possible. Having to build a fire or boil water, or carry propane into the mountains creates waste pollution. This ultraviolet (UV) purification systems practice eliminates tens of thousands of wasteful water bottles being purchased and discarded.



With our company, we are committed to doing travel right. We see travel as one of the most effective means of investing in amazing people and places. We hire experienced local guides from the local communities in which we operate. This is not only the responsible thing to do but provides a better and more authentic travel experience. We invest 10% of our total revenue in the form of microcredit to small-scale entrepreneurs in the communities where we travel. We partner directly with microfinance institutions that provide low-interest capital to small businesses in the regions where we operate. This is our mission, our passion, and what makes our company very unique in the travel industry. 



Our company partners up with local lodge owners, local drivers, and other local businesses in the areas and communities we operate, to maximize the local benefit from tourism. Our teams are locally hired and provided with professional development opportunities and profit sharing. We travel with respect and preservation of local customs and with that perspective in mind, we educate those who travel with us in the importance of preserving these important factors.