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All of our expeditions are open to adventurers without previous trekking experience. Whether you want a relaxed walking tour or to push your limits with a high-altitude multi-day trek, our activity level scale indicates the expected level of fitness for each expedition.

It is important to note that various factors that go into assigning a difficulty level to our trips. Those include altitude, whether it’s self-supported (carrying your own pack), the difficulty of the terrain, the climate, and the length of time and number of miles on the trail.

  • level 1

    • These expeditions do not have any fitness requirements. No hiking is required. 

  • Level 2

    • These expeditions include walking or a short hike.

  • level 3

    • These expeditions require an average level of fitness and the ability to hike over variable terrain. These are great first treks of 3-6 hours duration on a typical day.

  • level 4

    • These expeditions require above average physical fitness. Treks may reach high altitudes and require high levels of physical exertion. No technical skills are required, and first-time trekkers are welcome. Typical days require 5-10 hours of trekking, and some expeditions include significant elevation changes.

  • level 5

    • These expeditions require excellent physical fitness. Treks include longer days, greater elevation gain, and more challenging terrain at higher altitude. Participants should expect high levels of physical exertion at times. Travelers joining these expeditions should be in good physical shape and should expect to hike all day.

Want to see some examples? Use this blog post as a resource to understand our rating system. 

Activity key



All personal gear (except for tents, sleeping pads, and cookware) must be carried by each expedition participant. No porters or pack animals provided.



This expedition includes water sports such as kayaking and rafting. All technical water sport gear and safety equipment is provided.

Supported Trek.png

Supported Trek

This expedition includes porters or pack animals for personal gear. Participants are only responsible for carrying a daypack on the trail.


Mountain Biking

This expeditions includes biking on paved and/or unpaved roads. Mountain bikes and safety gear are provided.

High Altitude Icon.png


This expedition will reach elevations above 10,000 ft. Anyone with preexisting pulmonary or cardiac conditions is required to receive physician clearance before participating.



This expedition includes vehicles to transport personal gear. Participants are only responsible for carrying a daypack.

Hotel Icon.png
Tent Camping Icon.png


This expedition includes lodging in a hotel or B&B in your arrival and departure city.

TENT camping

This expedition includes at least one night in a tent. Each expedition member must bring a sleeping bag, but all tents and sleeping pads are provided.

Basic Lodge Icon.png

BASIC lodge

This expedition includes lodging with basic facilities. Sleeping bags are required, and limited amenities are available.