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We're looking for a design-driven, mission-focused marketing pro to join our Denver team. 

Position Title: Head of Marketing

Start Date: December 2017

Position Purpose: Our Head of Marketing is the voice of our brand and drives all communication both external and internal.  


  • General:
    • Build relationships with clients, OneSeed staff, and partners to execute our mission
    • Understand and effectively communicate the OneSeed Model and our work around the world
    • Work collaboratively with our sales team to design new experiences and products
    • Plan and develop strategy with our leadership team
  • Business Development (30%)
    • Drive new business development and creative parterships
    • Achieve annual growth goals in line with our strategic growth plan
  • Communications (30%):
    • Create brand collateral to drive sales
    • Lead media and external communication efforts
    • Lead internal brand consistency and mission fidelity
    • Communicate the work and impact of the OneSeed Fund
    • Management of social media efforts
    • Management of email marketing efforts
  • Quantitative Analysis (20%)
    • Create, oversee, and optimize all digital marketing and advertising efforts
    • Develop and maintain SEO efforts
  • Product Development (20%)
    • Collaborate with sales and operations to design new product offerings for our target market

compensation + perks  

  • Salary range: $50-$60K
  • Compensation is commensurate with experience; healthcare included
  • Travel to OneSeed destinations and exposure to guiding operations
  • Flexible scheduling and unlimited vacation upon completion of 3 month training period


  • Reports to: CEO
  • Location: Denver, CO