Oneseed staff relief fund

On April 25th, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck the region just west of Kathmandu, causing substantial damage in the capital city and rural areas. Over half of OneSeed's worldwide staff is based in Nepal and this devastating event has left many pieces to pick up in its wake.

OneSeed Expeditions was conceived and launched in Nepal. Nepal has always been, and will always be, our first home. Our guides and staff are the most important part of OneSeed and many of you have asked how to help.

OneSeed Expeditions is neither an emergency relief organization nor a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  We are an employer of incredible people and we are doing our best to take care of our team.  As the link between our clients and our staff in Nepal, we feel it is our responsibility to connect those in need with those wanting to help.  We are committed to achieving this in the most transparent and timely way possible: direct contributions to individuals and families. The longterm recovery in Nepal will be lead by experienced relief organizations and nonprofits with long-standing networks in Nepal.  OneSeed aims to start small by helping those we know best: our team of staff and guides in Nepal.


 Amount Raised (Gross): $20,595.00

  • Online Donations: $20,345.00

  • Offline Donations: $250.00

  • Total raised: $20,595.00

  • Fees Charged by Credit Card Processor: $623.77

Amount Raised (Net): $19,971.23


To provide quick and efficient relief to our staff before the coming monsoon rains, an all-staff meeting was held in Kathmandu on May 15, 2015.  The following documents were created by our team to demonstrate the purpose and use of the OneSeed Staff Relief Fund.

All funds have been disbursed to recipients but the rebuilding process for many has just begun.  OneSeed will continue to support the needs of our team as we rebuild in Nepal.  For those who wish to support individuals directly, we recommend utilizing services such as PayPal and Western Union which have temporarily suspended transaction fees for transfers to Nepal.

Among our guides' greatest concerns is the potential impact of the earthquake on tourism and their livelihoods.  We ask for your continued support of OneSeed and our guides in Nepal as we evaluate each of our routes and work to make the 2015 season a successful one for our staff and community of partners in Nepal.


We also know that Nepal will need systemic change and investment to create a more secure and prosperous future.  We recommend supporting local organizations with long-standing operations in Nepal:

  • Nepal will need good leaders and good future governance. Women LEADworks to provide young women in Nepal with the skills, support and opportunities to become leaders and change-makers in their schools, communities, nation and world.
  • Nepal will need business development to create security and prosperity. Our partners BPW Patan and WEAN Multipurpose Cooperative offer microfinance services to entrepreneurs who need capital to grow their businesses.
  • Nepal will need educated young people. Teach for Nepal is a movement of outstanding university graduates and young professionals who are committed to end education inequity in Nepal.
  • Nepal will need innovation and access to basic needs such as drinking water, sanitation, and housing. iDE creates income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural households. Edge of Seven creates access to educational, health, and economic resources for girls and women in Nepal.
  • Nepal will need to preserve its unique cultural treasures that have been damaged or destroyed. Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust works to safeguard the extraordinary and threatened architectural heritage of the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal.