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The timeline below is a recommended schedule for ensuring a successful Impact Climb campaign.  

  • Climb REGISTRATION (6+ months before climb)

    • Choose climb destination and date
    • Set fundraising goals:
      • Total group goal
      • Individual goals
    • Confirm first 5 participants to launch your climb
    • Select crowdfunding platform and build fundraising team
    • Choose a group fundraising name and hashtag for coordinating outreach efforts
    • Have all participants submit initial deposit to confirm your climb
    • Have all participants sign Partner Fundraising Agreement (example)


  • CLIMB Launch!

    • Have participants send out initial donation request emails (see template in Resources)
      • Target: 1/3 of goal in pre-committed funds
    • Host your first group event/call to set goals and share ideas
    • Have participants focus on achieving 2/3 of fundraising goal through email and social media campaigns focused on your network



    • Get social! Tap your social networks to drive interest in your climb and donations to your cause
    • Expand your circle of supporters as you approach your fundraising goal
    • Share photos and updates of progress to your goal
    • Schedule regular check-ins with participants to check progress toward goals
      • Example: 
        • 6 months before climb: 20% of goal
        • 5 months before climb: 40% of goal
        • 4 months before climb: 60% of goal
        • 3 months before climb: 80% of goal
        • 2 months before climb: 100% of goal


    • Confirm final climb participant roster and submit roster with final balance
    • Share resources to push everyone across minimum fundraising threshold



    • Send updates to all of your supporters to thank them for their contribution
    • Share photos and videos of your climb training
    • Have all participants confirm travel details (flights, packing lists, immunizations, etc.)

Fundraising Resources

Impact Climbs combine the power of peer-to-peer fundraising with the excitement of charity challenges. Check out the helpful resources below to learn best practices that will drive fundraising success. 

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