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Puerto Varas has a “rainy temperate” climate. The winter in Puerto Varas occurs in June, July, and August and temperatures typically stay in the 40s. However, it can drop below freezing and it can snow so it is important to come prepared for any type of weather. The summer occurs in December, January, and February and temperature typically stay in the 70s.

The copious amounts of rain are what makes it such a beautiful place to visit. January is the driest month even though it rains 3-4 inches and June is the wettest month averaging over 10 inches! Because of all the rain and its location right on the water, the humidity stays above 80% causing the vegetation to be lush and green.

Puerto Varas weather



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The refugio Callao was absolutely fantastic. A completely self sufficient farm. The vistas, the farm, the food and our hosts were fabulous. The hot spring was quirky and great after a very rainy day.
We loved Hector and Sandro’s farm! What a fabulous surprise. The food and ambiance were great, Hiking the volcano and returning to the hot tubs was a special treat. It was a beautiful and peaceful refuge.

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