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OneSeed works with student organizations to build unique adventures throughout the world and Campus Expedition Leaders can earn free travel to our branch locations in Peru, Colombia, Nepal, Tanzania, Chile, and Argentina. Campus Expedition Leaders build groups of travelers on their campuses or join existing departures to learn more about our trips. 


  • Coordinate with our Expedition Specialists to design and execute unique adventures throughout Asia, Latin America, and Africa. 
  • Co-lead expeditions with experienced guides in some of the most remote and beautiful corners of the world.
  • Serve as campus ambassadors and share OneSeed's mission to explore the world and invest in people. 


  1. Complete the initial inquiry form below to learn more about opportunities on your campus.
  2. Set up a brief informational meeting with one of our Expedition Specialists.
  3. Design your expedition and build your group.
  • Spring Break 2016 - Apply below before FEBRUARY 15, 2016
  • Summer Break 2016 - Apply below before APRIL 15, 2016