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A Note on Single Supplements


We know single supplements are a bummer, and trust us, we don't like charging them either. We require single supplements because it's the best possible way for us to provide the most fair prices to all clients. The single supplement covers the increased cost of hotel stay, airport transportation, and the additional guides, porters and cooks needed while on the trail. 

The good news? The single supplement fee guarantees your very own single/private room while in your host city.

The other good news? We offer a "match pool" so clients have the opportunity to connect and match with other solo travelers of the same gender. Let us know if you're interested and we'll be sure to make the introduction if there's another solo traveler looking to be matched! Simply email and we'll take it from there. If there isn't a match, you'll receive an invoice with your single supplement fee 60 days prior to your expedition. 

You can find your specific single supplement fee by visiting your expedition page on our website.