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explore the world. 

OneSeed Expeditions offers a new way to travel.

We partner with communities to ensure that tourism directly supports local guides and local entrepreneurs.  When you travel with OneSeed, you invest in the people and places that make the world worth exploring.

Looking to plan your own expedition? OneSeed offers tailor-made itineraries in the regions where we guide. Contact OneSeed today to design your custom expedition.

Chile expeditions

Epic Patagonia

Duration: 11 days (Nov to Mar)

Price: Starting from $3358

chile trek and sip

Duration: 10 days (Nov to Mar)

Price: Starting from $2967

Atacama under the starS

Duration: 8 days (Oct to Nov, Apr to Mar)

Price: Starting from $2040

chile extensions

Already joining OneSeed for an expedition and want to see more of Chile? Wine tasting, kayaking, ice hiking--we offer something for everyone!

Duration: Varies (all year)

Price: Starting from $100

Nepal expeditions

annapurna discovery

Experience the famous Annapurna mountain range on this teahouse trek. Visit Buddhist stupas, hike through pristine forest and soak in all that Nepal has to offer!

Duration: 14 days (Sept to Nov, Feb to Apr)

Price: Starting from $1785

langtang journey

Head to the Tibetan border region to explore the culture of northern Nepal. Summit Kyanjin Ri with strings of prayer flags fluttering in the breeze.

Duration: 11 days (Oct to Nov, Mar to Apr)

Price: Starting from $1487

himalayan downhill

Test your legs in the mighty Annapurna region. Feel the Himalayan wind rush by while covering over 80 miles of terrain in this beautiful area.

Duration: 11 days (Sept to Oct, Feb to Apr)

Price: Starting from $1955

annapurna ascent

Hike all the way to Annapurna Base Camp! Surrounded by the massive Himalaya, explore temples, hot  springs, waterfalls and much more.

Duration: 19 days (Sept to Nov, Mar to Apr)

Price: Starting from $2125

Everest base camp

The ultimate bucket list trip that will take your breath away! Hike to Everest Base Camp and reach new elevations to marvel at the world's tallest mountain.

Duration: 19 days (Sept to Oct, Mar to Apr)

Price: Starting from $2890

Nepal Extensions

Already joining OneSeed for an expedition and want to see more of Nepal? Animal sightseeing, lakeside R&R, or temple visits --we offer something for everyone!

Duration: Varies (all year)

Price: Starting from $100

Peru Expeditions

ultimate machu picchu

Hike to Machu Picchu on this less-crowded alternative. Visit local markets, temples, and coffee farms as you marvel at the beautiful countryside. 

Duration: 8 days (May to Oct)

Price: Starting from $1658

taste of Peru

Enjoy all of the wonders Peru has to offer! Hike to Inca ruins, learn to cook authentic Peruvian cuisine and explore Machu Picchu on this jam-packed adventure.

Duration: 5 days (May to Oct)

Price: Starting from $1233

Tanzania Expeditions

kilimanjaro summit and safari

Hike to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro and see wild game on a safari in the Serengeti. The ultimate African adventure all wrapped into one expedition!

Duration: 9 days (Feb to Mar)

Price: Starting from $3581

kilimanjaro marangu

Summit the tallest peak in Africa for stunning views that make you feel on top of the world. Experience all the variety that Kilimanjaro has to offer.

Duration: 7 days (Feb to Mar)

Price: Starting from $2763

colombia Expeditions

hidden colombia

Travel back over 1,200 years to the Lost City of the Sierra Nevada. Soak in the sights and sounds of the untouched jungle before exploring these famous terraced ruins.

Duration: 8 days (Dec to Mar)

Price: Starting from $1862

Argentina Expeditions

rugged patagonia

Reach the base of Mt. Fitz Roy, hike in the stunning U-shaped valleys and walk along the path that mountaineers use to reach the Continental Ice Field.

Duration: 5 days (November to March)

Price: Starting from $1692